Belden 87778 {Bulk Price Discount on Equivalent}

Belden 87778 Cable Cross Reference: 22 AWG stranded (7×30) TC conductor, TEFLON® FEP insulation, 6 twisted pairs individually shielded with premium foil (100% coverage) + 85% Tinned Copper Braid, overall jacket per table below, 22 AWG stranded TC drain wire. 1XTECH Part Number 1XB87778 – Equivalent to B87778, Belden 87778 Cable. Bulk Price Discount: TheContinue reading “Belden 87778 {Bulk Price Discount on Equivalent}”

Aluminum Conductor Wire & Cable Technical Resource

Aluminum Conductor Wire & Cable Technical Resource by 1XTech Aluminum Wire & Aluminum Cable have increasingly become more and more popular as each year passes by due to many advantages it holds over the steady standby of copper wire conductor. We have put together a vast array of answers to common questions we get every dayContinue reading “Aluminum Conductor Wire & Cable Technical Resource”

Submarine Power Cable Technical Resource

Submarine Power Cable Tech Resource This is the broadest compilation for Submarine Cable information anywhere including many high quality images, videos, submarine cable specifications, pricing, and much more. We have put extreme efforts into answering many of the questions we receive every day regarding submarine cables, and submarine power cables, giving you a comprehensive sourceContinue reading “Submarine Power Cable Technical Resource”

Welcome to 1X Technologies Cable Company!

We’re here Because You Require Quality, Quickly ®.  We’re a leading United States electrical cable company headquartered in beautiful Wyoming, USA, serving a broad & diverse customer base around the world! We excel in supplying you with advanced, top of the line cable, FAST. Yes, we have the rarest products in stock, but our cable speed & flexibility are truly your secret weapons. WhenContinue reading “Welcome to 1X Technologies Cable Company!”

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